According to capital market laws No. 8 year 1995, mutual fund is a type of professionally managed by Fund Manager to collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.

Companywhichmanages securities portfolioin the form ofmutual fundsorothersecurities portfolioinvestorsare madeas needed.

In relation with mutual fund, TheCustodianBankisproviding custodian securities servicesand other Fund assetsand it is responsible forthecalculation ofNAV(Net Asset Value) andrecordsandpayment ofsecurities transaction.

Cut-off time is a daily time frame to receive the subscription transaction and redemption transaction. Cut-off time for mutual fund transaction is before 1 PM every trading day. If there’s any subscription and/or redemption before 1 PM and for subscription, the fund shall be transferred to the mutual fund account before 1 PM, then investor will get the NAV on the same trading day. If the subscription and or redemption after 1 PM, then investor will get NAV on the following trading day.

Investment can be done anytime even if only at once or periodically.